“Heroines” Documentary Released Online

I’m pleased to say that post-production for the “Heroines: Victorian Fire Services” documentary short is complete! A very special thank you to Rachel Cowling, Briody Walker and Elizabeth Holley who agreed to be interviewed by me.

The Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) and the Country Fire Authority (CFA) Media and Communications team have signed off on the final cut, ready to be released. Thank you Belinda Nolan and Harry Adam for making this documentary possible.

I had a great time working with both organisations. I was struck by how everyone I spoke to was passionate about their work, the community and improving the culture of Victorian Fire Services.

The most surprising and rewarding thing for me was the direction the documentary took while speaking to the amazing women at both organisations. What started as a look into the struggles of women in such a male dominated field, quickly turned into a non-issue and the documentary became about normalising the fact that women can hold such positions in our community.

My favourite comment came from Rachel Cowling of the MFB, which really sums up the story told in the documentary,

“I’d love to see more women join, I think it’s a wonderful career. It’s an opportunity open to everybody, and we need to get the word out there that this is a career that any little girl, any guy, can do if they just put their head down and really try hard.”

The Victorian Fire Services are working hard on improving diversity in their organisations, but it’s not just about educating women for them. There is a strong focus on improving diversity across cultures and gender, so that they can better represent the community they serve.

You can view the full documentary here: