Cameron Faull (Producer/Director)

“Kate Fisher is easily the most dedicated, hard-working and outstanding Assistant Director I have had the pleasure of working with. I can safely say, without any doubt, that if she wasn’t involved in the 8-episode-long second season of our web series, we would have never completed the production.

Kate has phenomenal organisation skills, an excellent ability to create optimal working conditions on set and extremely quick thinking when under pressure. She not only endured very challenging circumstances throughout pre and post-production due to COVID lockdowns and safety regulations but truly rose up against the obstacles and thrived during the highly demanding situations.

I simply can’t speak highly enough of Kate’s unique and multi-faceted abilities in the on-set environment and the endless passion she has for the project she works on. I’d happily work with her again on any production in future and you would find she is an invaluable asset to your production team.”